Individual retail cuts available!

Antibiotic and GMO free pork and poultry available by the cut.   Delivery to homes and businesses in the Michiana region or arrange to pick up your order at Bennett Farms or one of our Farmers Market locations.



Our whole chicken will always be the best value per pound.   

However we also offer a very large assortment of chicken cuts in our online store!   Our Chickens are always Pasture Raised, Non-GMO & Antibiotic Free.  

Whole roaster chicken
​4 to 5 pounds average

Brown eggs
Antibiotic and GMO free.
$4.00 per dozen
​Available for pickup anytime or with your order.



Antibiotic and GMO free.
$4.00 per dozen
​Available for pickup anytime or with your order.

Whole or Half Hog

The most economical option . Save 40% off retail cut prices. Hog prices listed below include the butchering cost and smoke curing of ham and bacon.  The price per pound is based on the hanging weight provided by the custom butcher.  (Ex: 260lb Live wt. hog has an approx.  Hanging wt. of 174lbs) Our custom butcher will contact you for your cut preferences prior to processing. Antibiotic and GMO free.​


$3.55/lb HANG WT


$3.65/lb HANG WT

How the process works when you order a whole or half pig from us.

Never ordered before? Don't worry we have made it really easy!

It starts with you filling out the bottom portion of our order form and returning it by mail, with a $50 deposit if you are ordering hog.   No deposit is required with your chicken only order.

​When we receive your order we will contact you to let you know we have it and answer any questions you may have.  At this point you now have a pig living the good life at Bennett Farms.  Now all there is for you to do is wait until November 2nd for your order. 

We send out a spring/summer newsletter to all of our customers with any information that may be relevant for order pick-up and to update you on how things are going around the farm.   We welcome you to come out and visit the pigs.  Bring the kids and make a field trip out of it.  Just call ahead to set up a time. 
The next step will happen in the middle of October.  You will receive a phone call from the butcher that will be processing your hog.  Our butcher is very easy to work with and will walk you through all of the cut options for the processing of your hog.  There are many ways to have a pig processed and they will ask you questions pertaining to every cut of meat and what your preferences are.   (Ex: ham sizes, bacon and pork chop thickness, bone-in or boneless, roast, pork steaks, ribs, bulk sausage seasonings, and brats) 

All of the butchering is already included in your purchase price. 
The last step in the process is pick-up of your order at our farm which will be Saturday, November 2nd, 2019.  I will call you the week before with your exact total due at pickup, minus the deposit you have already paid. 
We accept a check, cash or credit/debit card at pickup.
​Your order will be in boxes when you receive it but if you wish to bring blankets or coolers to insulate it for your drive home that is a good idea.   (For reference a whole processed hog is about the volume of 3 laundry baskets.)

​And that's it! 

​Chicken orders can be picked up anytime with advance notice or picked up with hog orders.
​All of our current customers will receive an order flyer in the mail automatically the following year.

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