How they are raised and what they are fed.

Pasture Raised


Our chicks are kept inside with supplemental heat until about 2 weeks old.  They are then moved to the pasture in mobile, open floored pens that are moved daily to a fresh patch to give them access to insects and green forage.  The open floored pen provides them with shelter from inclement weather, shade, and protection from predators.  They are fed a  19% protein (free choice) grain ration that is non-medicated and non-GMO.


We select only heritage breed and heritage cross bred pigs suited for life outside.  We utilize a rotational pasture method- we rotate them to a fresh piece of land every two weeks (or sooner if the land dictates).  This is accomplished by using portable waterers, electric fencing, shelters, and feeders.  This is done for three reasons.  First,  it protects the soil from over abuse and properly distributes manure.  Second, it ensures fresh and abundant vegetation for the pigs to browse/graze.  This adds large amounts of omega 3's  and flavor to your pork.  Third, and most important, it breaks up the parasite life cycle and helps us keep the pigs healthy!  Our pigs do not return to the same pasture any sooner than 4 months from its last use.  

Because pigs cannot get all of the nutrition they need to grow from pasture alone (technically they can but it would take about 6-7 years and unbridled access to huge amounts of land) their diet is supplemented with an 18% protein, non-medicated, and non-GMO  grain ration. 
​We take a natural approach to treating our animals in the rare circumstance that they become ill.  Most of the time we can get them well without antibiotics.   We will not allow an animal suffer or die unnecessarily, so if the ailment can only be treated with antibiotics we will use them.  If this happens it is noted and the animal is not sold as antibiotic free.   

All of our pigs receive de-wormer which is necessary for the health of the animals, even in organic operations.